5 Reasons Everyone Should Learn Self Defense

Why should you learn self-defense?  Nothing feels better than knowing you can take care of yourself, financially, physically and emotionally. For many people, however, a simple exercise class is enough for them physically, or so they think. But if you’re surprised by an attacker, those yoga moves won’t help you one bit. Here are five reasons everyone should learn to protect themselves:

1. It builds confidence.  When you know you can protect yourself you will walk taller and with less fear, ultimately allowing yourself to become a better person.

2. It works on your balance and physical conditioning.  Taking a self-defense class will help build your balance and get you in the best physical condition possible.  One class is equivalent to an entire week of fitness classes at the local gym.

3. It helps build self-discipline. To learn and grow your defense skills, you must also develop self-discipline. You must be motivated, dedicated and have the discipline to keep practicing. These skills are not learned overnight; it takes patience and plenty of time to master – often years.

4. It helps develop a fighter reflex.  When an attacker strikes, you must be able to move using your fighter reflexes; these are different than normal body reflexes.  A warrior’s reflex allows you to anticipate the attacker’s next move so you can be ready to strike back or block the move.

5. It can save your life.  No one likes the thought that they may be attacked or taken by surprise by an intruder, but you must be able to protect yourself in the face of harm.  Knowing how to defend yourself and your family can save your life.  It’s just that simple.

When you learn self-defense, you’re getting much more than just a few lifesaving moves.  You’re working on your self-development and mental capacity as well.

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