My task is to teach You how to Hurt ANY Assailant ASAP!

I’m Here to help YOU Create as much PAIN AS POSSIBLE!

Be it an Attack,  Assault or Street Fight, Protect Yourself

when YOU feel that your life is in Immediate  Danger!

The message here is to advertise personal security through willingness and consciousness.  To avoid strikes when they do arise and respond inside the best methods feasible, visitors should examine free information available on the site.  Courses and photographs consider the subject to center, illustrating effective self-defense methods for individuals. Posts address wide-ranging themes that connect with particular defense, together with different various issues of individual interest to the author.  The thought-provoking parts stimulate personal security ideas among readers.

Instead of presenting guidelines and processes for program during an attack, concepts associated with personal protection which buyers of the data must weigh separately, are presented by this web site.  By showing basic suggestions, independent thought related to family protection engages.  The five D’s of self-defense provide the framework for that website, stimulating followers to enter into arrangements with the regime being committed to by themselves. Choose, stop, affect, disengage, and debrief are equivalent stages in the act of private safety, which provides a broad way to think about safety and preventing abuse.  If you have and questions or comments about this site, please contact me and I will get back with you A.S.A.P.

Thank You

Poddodkop: Professor of Pain