Effective Personal Protection Devices

We live in a world where crime is an everyday occurrence, making personal protection devices a necessity of life. Unfortunately, it will continue to be that way for many years to come. Until we can live in a world without violent crime, these devices can help save your life. Here are some of the most efficient devices on the market:

Pepper Spray

small device that can fit in your purse or pocket easily. It contains a healthy dose of cayenne pepper, so just a little spray will cause your attacker to be temporarily blinded and cause him extreme pain. It’s enough to distract them, so you can run and flee to safety.

Personal Alarm or Whistle

Criminals don’t like a lot of noise when they are in the middle of an attack, so making as much noise as possible can be a deterrent. A personal alarm will emit a loud noise that can be heard hundreds of feet away, and a whistle will do the same. If you can’t reach these, then yell and scream as loud as possible.


You don’t need a pit bull by your side, but if you go jogging, or are out late at night/early morning, a large dog like a German Shephard can keep you safe. Dogs are known to be very protective of their owners and will not hesitate to attack if they sense that you’re in danger.

Your Own Body

Sometimes, you are taken by surprise and don’t have time to reach for a personal device. In these moments, your body can be your best defense. Use your hands, legs, head or another body part to disable your attacker.  A headbutt, kick, eye poke or arm twist can disable your attacker so you can get away. Self-defense classes can help teach you the most efficient moves.

Stun Ring

A simple ring that looks like a fashion ring but is a weapon.  It contains pepper spray and can use against your attacker, so they are temporarily blinded.

Stun Gun

These are small devices that deliver an electric shock to your attacker. It will immobilize him to the point that you can make your getaway and call for help.

Not all the above devices are legal to have on your person, so check with your local police department before buying any personal protection equipment.

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