The Best Self Defense Moves for a Quick Getaway

Regardless of your age, gender or physical ability, the best self defense moves can keep you safe. Whether you’re taken by surprise from behind in an underground parking garage, or your blind date suddenly becomes overly aggressive, you can protect yourself. Here are some of the most effective moves you can use on anyone who thinks they can get the upper hand:


Criminals and attackers don’t like to draw attention to themselves, so creating a ruckus and shouting out will definitely not work to their benefit. If someone grabs you, shout and make as much noise as you can to get someone’s attention.

Eye Poke

All you need is a few precious seconds for them to let go of you so you can make your escape. A poke in the eye will blind them momentarily so that you can get away and flee to safety.

Ear Slap

This is the same idea of an eye poke; all you need is a few seconds of distraction so you can make your getaway. Slap your hands hard against their ears so they are disoriented (and in pain)!

Head Butt

This can be a very effective move if you do it right. Make sure you’re looking down and ram your head into your attacker’s head as hard as you can. It will make them stagger back and disorient them long enough for you to get away.

Nose Strike

With the bottom part of your palm, aim for the nose and push up; this will do more damage than hitting the middle or side of the nose.

Remember, you don’t want to get into a long drawn-out fight with your attacker; you want to disable him/her long enough so that you can get away. The best self defense moves are those that enable you to gain a few precious seconds so you can make it to safety.


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