The Most Effective Self Defense Techniques

Self-defense techniques have extremely close ties with martial arts; in fact, most people agree that if you can master any form of martial arts, then you will have acquired the necessary skills to defend yourself.  It does not matter how old you are, what your level of fitness is, or your gender. Here are some of the most popular self-defense/martial arts forms:

Jiu Jitsu

More of a hybrid form of martial arts, incorporating grappling, choke holds, eye gouging, biting and hard striking. It involves grabbing your attacker and throwing him on the ground. If he has a weapon in his hand, you trap his arm while delivering a strike to his throat or collar bone to disable him.


This method relies on combinations of kicks and punches.  It concentrates on attack deflection; so if someone pulls a knife on you, you will have the skills needed to not only disarm but injure your attacker so you can make your getaway.

Tae Kwan Do

Originating from Korea, this method concentrates on jumping and spinning kicks, as well as strikes.  It was developed during the 1940’s and 1950’s and has become a traditional self-defense method for all ages.


This form operates on the principle that when an attacker approaches, some part of him is vulnerable. For example, if he has an arm raised ready to strike, don’t resist the attack; instead, use that momentum against him. Want to see it in action?  Watch any Steven Segal movie.

There are, of course, numerous self-defense techniques that you can use to stay safe and protect you and your family. Commit to learn and master the method that’s right for you. You will gain plenty of other skills as well, such as self-discipline, self-development, and confidence.

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